Our work is driven by a passionate belief that we have a responsibility to offer a service that is informative, educational, and supportive. Also, to promote equality and education for young transgender people so they may achieve their physical, intellectual, social, and spiritual potential as individuals within today's society. Our service is dedicated to the Global  Transgender Community and that is what Transgender Insight stands for.

We empower our Transgender members with more knowledge and a better understanding of their identity so they can make more informed choices about their paths and future. We assist all of our members through education and support. Our hope is to help members make healthier choices and encourage them to take responsibility for their own decisions and future well being. Our goal is to help members come to terms with their gender identity in a positive way, allowing them to move forward. We encourage member participation at Transgender Insight and offer a completely secure and safe environment. .

Do you think most children during their development stage worries about their gender? It feels normal and natural for many girls to be female and for many boys to be male. But that's not true for everyone. Transgender people who are born as boys feel they should be female, and those who are born as girls feel they should be male. But try to imagine how you would feel if you woke up one morning and upon looking into the mirror, you come to the shocking realization that the gender you portray is incorrect! Can you imagine how one would feel?

People who are transgender feel like they're living inside a body that's all wrong for them. They often say they feel "trapped in someone else's body.

When we think of ourselves as male or female, it's called gender identity. Everyone has a gender identity the inborn sense of ourselves as being male or female. Most people's gender identity matches their anatomy. But those who are transgender feel different from their physical appearances.

What society expects of men, women, boys, and girls also affects what we feel about ourselves. Every culture has "rules" about what is expected for men and what is expected for women. How we should act, the clothes we wear, our behavior, etc, etc.

Victoria Tamara

On May 29th, 2017 Victoria Tamara the co founder of Transgender Insight passed away. Her kind heart and passion for human rights will truly be missed by all. Victoria never faltered or lost faith in the world, she understood that change takes time. While time ran short for her her spirit will live on in the hearts she so frequently touched. Myself? I'm honored to have called her my friend and my sister. I will always know how a kind selfless heart feels and know that for a time, I felt it's passion first hand. May her soul rest in peace.

Christine Charland