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Today I had the pleasure to chat on Facebook with special lady who needed support or advice, while I was working on our new official Transgender Insight page. So I decided to write this article in regards to what we discussed. One of the joys of being able to offer support is to show that you are not alone in this world, and if I can offer any assistance what so ever to those who need it. It is always a pleasure to do so. Continue reading
Public displays of hatred against the LGBT community are nothing new. Humans have never shied from reveling in collective glee at the stoning of another of their own species. Yet as technology has changed, so too has our ability to hate those we know and do not know and to let that hatred evolve within society . We now have a camera to record in graphic detail every crime and every social violation, so that rallying calls to hate take little effort. When we see the reality of events in living color the results of a remote but horrific crime, when we read the salacious details of the lives of those accused of crimes or social misdemeanors, when atrocities and private shames are turned from news to a twisted entertainment, our revulsion is as readily triggered as is our fascination with knowing more about it. Continue reading