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Transgender Insight Exclusive Articles written by staff and official members. Covering in depth issues, personal experiences, advice, support, and more. Plus, trans related articles from other media sources.

The Changing Path of Gender Identity

Gender identity is typically defined as the concept of the self as male or female. But the reality of gender identity is far more. Continue reading

School Policies For Transgender Students

Within the controlled world of a school campus, policies that allow the school to treat students with consistency based on a consistent. Continue reading

Transgender activist to get Palm Springs…

Thomi Clinton, a transgender activist and director of the Transgender Community Coalition, will be among one of the eight recipients. Continue reading

Proper advice for coming out

Every situation is different especially when you decided to come out and reveal your position with relatives such as parents, siblings. Continue reading

UN Human Rights LGBT

Since the United Nations was founded, there has emerged a growing understanding that the recognition and protection of human rights. Continue reading

Transgender Voice and the Workplace

As a Vocal Coach who specializes in all area of the voice, I rotate my themes between the singing voice and the speaking voice. This. Continue reading

Understanding Workplace Discrimination

Employers can be held directly responsible for discrimination or vicariously liable for the actions of their employees, if they have. Continue reading

Accepting Your Transgender Child

Today I had the pleasure to chat on Facebook with special lady who needed support or advice, while I was working on our new official. Continue reading