Chrissy Charland  

newmasterlogo     Most of the time things are as they seem. There are other times when they are not. When it's time to think outside the box, the other times may draw you to something you will be unsure of and looked at as questionable. Life is not questionable unless you allow it to be. That's important to understand. It's important that when a day comes to an end you haven't forgotten how it started. It's important that you like who you are and it's important that you know self worth. Transgender is not a sentence, it's a way of life.

     I feel compelled to mention our transgender youth who are changing the face of who we are. I think we are going to find that these boys and girls are changing everything we thought set in stone. Nothing is set in stone anymore and the stonework is now something set in change....:

     One of the greatest things gender presents us with is a chance to be someone and we all want to be allowed that chance.  Most of the time that chance is ordained by society and is often confused by false beliefs. When belief precludes life then there can be no human nature beyond the confines of society. Transgender isn't new. It's age old and difficult to be. At the end of the day though transgender is who you are. You didn't choose this but your heart can't or won't deny it either. I want everyone to know it's not impossible to get beyond your fears but it takes time. I'm talking about the fear of who you are. Not about coming out.....First things first.....

Live to love.....Love to live

Christine Candice Charland