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Employment Research Center

Step 1 FAQ

This section covers some of the most concern questions  addressed by many.

Step 2. More Information

This section offers additional information for those seeking to enter the workforce.

Step 3. Listing Companies

A listing of all business or companies that support equal employment opportunities.

Step 4. Jobs/Careers Search

Ready to search for a job or new career? Then enter our job board service.

Employment Tools

Tips on writing a resume


Important tips on writing that resume for your next job.

Trans Friendly Education


A list of trans friendly colleges and universities in the U.S.

Transgender Insight Employment service is provided to inform and assist trans individuals for the preparation into the work force, it is also a gateway for employers who support the trans community as a equal diverse employment opportunity business or corporation. For Business owners who wish to integrate trans employees into the work force and requires additional information. Please do not hesitate in contacting Victoria Tamara. For Trans individuals seeking to enter the work force please follow the steps as indicated above. Thank you. 


Out & Equal Workplace Advocates. A job search and employment networking website for LGBT people. This site provides a way to expand your professional networks and contacts with job seekers and employers.

Transgender Economic Empowerment Initiative San Francisco–based employment help for transgender people, job fairs, and training for employers on transgender employment law .

Transgender Law Center Information on California law as it relates to transgender people.