How To Write A Resume  

employment-iconBuilding your resume for a job

Alot of things has change since 10 to 20 years ago, and most jobs now advertise online and usually request that you forward a resume through email based on the format requested.

So it is a good idea to have your resume as either in MS Word or a PDF file format.

You are asking, “What a resume should look like?” If you want to do a good job in your resume 2016, don’t fail to include all the pointers when it comes to formatting that we’re sharing here. If you’re ready, read on and learn.

What Does a Good Resume Look Like?

Full personal and contact details



Email address

Mobile number or phone number

Career summary

This highlights a quick view of your value proposition e.g. “Experienced website content writer with over five years of experience in writing, editing and content managing for the web…”

Employment History

List the most recent to the least recent jobs you have had but only the most relevant per job application. Don’t include all because you have to save space and keep the most important details on the top fold.

Education history

School name, address

Degree earned


Year of graduation

Related training's, certifications, affiliations and licenses (if applicable)

Key skills, related job skills

Computer skills

Accounting skills

Adobe skills

And others based on industry

Accomplishments, honors, awards and achievements

Most significant achievements making you an ideal candidate for the job

Include dates when applicable

What a Good Resume Looks Like?

Include your accomplishments and do not focus on the job duties and description. Make use of precious space by highlighting your most significant achievements in the job to show your value proposition and avoid losing the chance to getting an interview invitation.

Skip the objective part. This is an outdated aspect of a resume. Instead, write a career summary that will show off your best assets for the job, further highlighting your value proposition for the job, one aspect on what a good model of resume looks like.

Use a logical format that shows your organization skills. Make use of a professional resume template, such as a two-column format that lists the headline and sub-headlines on the right and the content on the left.

Avoid using fancy font and fancy paper. Use Arial, Calibri and Times New Roman and use an A4 white paper for your submission. Now if you are sending through email, save and attach your paper in PDF format.

Buzzwords for 2016

Many resumes are placed on job hunting sites or included within a person’s profile on a site like LinkedIn. These are searchable so you do need to consider what recruiters will use when searching for someone. Just like searching for information on Google a recruiter may just type in a list of skills and experience that they are looking for and these sites will look to match these requirements to the many resumes that they have listed. So if you are looking for a position as an “experienced sales director” and this is not included within your profile or resume then it will not be showing up in any searches where it is requested. If your resume is to be searched then you do have to very carefully consider the types of jobs that you are looking for and ensure that you identify the resume buzzwords 2016 or keywords that the recruiter will search for within your resume. Here are some best and worst buzzwords in 2016.

Best buzzwords: 

resume buzzwords 2016 achieved, improved, managed, created, launched, trained, influenced, increased/decreased, resolved, won, ideas, revenue, profits, under budget, problem-solving, goal-achieving, organizing.

Worst buzzwords:

resume buzzwords 2016 best of breed, think outside the box, go-to person, result-driven, team player, hard worker, proactive, strategic thinker, dynamic, detail-oriented.

If you do not include these relevant keywords or buzzwords within your resume then you will not get found by a recruiter searching for them. But even if you include these resume buzzwords 2016 ensure that you still demonstrate them clearly with quantified examples.

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