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T.I. Creations & Sharing Corner

The T.I. Creations & Sharing Corner is a service for those who wish to share their photos, images, poetry, artistic creations, music, videos and more. To make available online for the world to see and download. It a creative way to allow your expression to flow and to share with others your inner passions, interests, feelings, hobbies, and so much more.

To use this exclusive service, to submit your own digital creations, you must become a registered member of T.I.

To download anything related to digital files is FREE and membership is not required.

Important: To submit any digital type files, the user must make sure to archive such files, using the utility zip software such as WinZip.  To submit your digital files to this service is straight forward. everything is done online through the use of our submission form. This includes attaching your zip file and submitting it to this service.

NOTE: All submissions must first go through quality control procedure, this includes scanning your files for possible virus or male-ware, then we will examine such files to ensure it meets the conditions and policies as set forth through T.I. when it comes to file sharing through this service. If for whatever reason your digital files is refused. We will contact you. The maximum zip file size cannot exceed 12 MB.

Victoria Tamara

Transgender Insight