Online Help Service  

screenshot1Welcome to Transgender Insight Online Assistance.

This area will help explain the many areas and procedures so our members will have a much more enjoyable experience.

1) Members Dashboard Main Entrance Page:

It is here when you log in, you will enter your main account dashboard page. This page gives you exclusive access to all areas that are not part of the main menu and is not visible to outside visitors.

Tip 1: It is important you completely fill out all essential information connected to your account, and if you want to make sure to keep your account membership active. The "Manage Profile" Tab Section.

If this is your first time entering our service? The first thing you need to do is activate your membership package. You'll find this section within the tab titled: "Manage Memberships", see next screen shot.

screenshot2Once you click this tab, notice how this sections changes. See next screen shot. It is here you must activate your membership package of choice and to ensure you access the areas in which you will be granted access too, based on your level of membership. If you decide to become a VIP member then you will have the option to pay your yearly membership by PayPal.. remember you do not need a PayPal account to make any payment online, simply make your payment as a "Guest".


As you can see, the Management Section allows you to keep track of your membership account and supplies all of the necessary details connected to your account. It is also important you keep track of your expiry date and once it is up, to re-activate your membership package of choice. Should you wish to continue to use and access your exclusive services. See "Valid Until" date.

Tip 2: Always remember once you become a member of Transgender Insight, keep your account active by at least logging into this service once a week or once a month. The service was designed to check all accounts connected to this service, and if it recognizes there are accounts that have not been active for over 30 days, then the service will delete such accounts. So to prevent any inconvenience for you, please make sure to keep your account active. 

screenshot4 2) Online Help or assistance: There are two ways in which our members can receive technical or assistance further. If you noticed on the lower right hand corner of your screen, within the main account dashboard, you will see a type of floating green tab. See screenshot on the left. If there is anyone online to offer immediate support the actual tab should display "Online". To activate this window click on arrow icon. If this tab displays "Offline" you can still activate this tab and leave us a message. Or if you wish to use our "Contact Us" form located on the main menu.