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Transgender Insight is a completely private and secure service, when one registers for an account, your profile account page is not accessible to anyone else. Transgender Insight is a professional resource and global online support service and was not designed to be a social network.  

Transgender Insight registration and membership is absolutely FREE, we offer various membership packages, paying VIP membership packages are optional. Paying VIP membership packages are available for those who wish to support our efforts and the continued operations of Transgender Insight in the future. Paying membership VIP packages are for those who recognize that Transgender Insight is an essential and important global service dedicated to the transgender community.


To register is absolutely FREE. Once you have registered then you have the option to select either one of the following memberships.


Renewable every year , our free membership allows you full exclusive access to areas such as, our full members private gallery, you can also submit your own photos to be added to the gallery, create a album for the gallery, transgender digital downloads, free for all members, our global chat area, and creations sharing corner service.

(Note: FREE memberships requires that the user keeps his/her membership active and in good standing, by ensuring you log into T.I. bi-weekly or once a month. Any accounts that are non-active or remain dormant over a 30 day period, then such accounts will be automatically deleted by the service.)


This is a yearly paying membership package and grants all VIP members exclusive access to the following areas: VIP Forums, Media News Timeline, Interactive creations hosted by GiGi, transgender digital downloads, members VIP social media directory, online blackjack game, and creations sharing corner. This includes future services that will be exclusive to VIP members. VIP members also have full access to free membership users.

We do hope you will benefit from the many informative services, support, and digital products we have to offer in support to the transgender community.

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