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Alot of people within the Transgender community has brought this issue to us...we need your feedback about this issue.

Let us take a look at the important distinctions between sex and gender. Our culture often confuses the two words, mistakenly classifying them as somehow identical or analogous and using them interchangeably. This is a significant sociocultural blunder, and it creates a pervasively negative public perception of gender and sexual minorities. Despite this seemingly ubiquitous cultural paradigm, it is necessary for us to be aware of the nuances and distinctions between sex and gender if we are to advance in our understanding of these complex human characteristics.

Another problem and confusion that exists is transgender being associated with the LGB group, think about this for a moment. The Lesbian, Gay and Bi-sexual society clearly defines sexuality, yet transgender is gender based and not associated as a sexual entity. Thus, the transgender community being associated with the LGB group only compounds the confusion within society. If we are trying to educate society and explain the differences between gender and sexuality, then why is the transgender community associated with the LGB group? This is a serious clarification issue that should be discussed and brought to the forefront. If we expect society to understand us as a community then we should not be associated with the LGB group. Please vote and express your opinions.

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