Modernised, Upsized Fairy Tales For Teens - John Muir

Modernised, Upsized Fairy Tales For Teens

By John Muir

  • Release Date: 2015-05-18
  • Genre: Short Stories


Though I have described this collection as fairy tales for teens, it is also very much for those people up to 100 years old who can remember reading these tales in their youth. Most of the collection is my adaption of some of these old, but well known fairy tales I remember reading in my youth. In adapting these ancient tales, I have kept, in the main, to the theme of the original story, where it has been convenient. Mostly though, I have brought the tales up to date with some modernisation, bringing the stories into the 21st century, and have added significant amounts of conversation and story. Plus, I have added a couple of my own "fairy tales".