The Transgender Thesis - Brittney Nicole Richardson

The Transgender Thesis

By Brittney Nicole Richardson

  • Release Date: 2016-04-18
  • Genre: Self-Improvement


The Transgender Thesis
Whether you are transgender, know someone who is or just have questions from a traditional or religious world view this book is for you! It takes a look at the Transgender topic from a Spiritual, Scientific, Medical  perspective. This book lays out a biblical and scientific case for Transgender people and works as a guide to help friends and family to better understand what Transgender is and calm fears about it being evil or against nature. Even if you’re convinced Transgender people are not doing something wise in their life choices, I encourage you to read this book, it will help you understand where this community is coming from and their mindset. 

Recent Review:
"That was awesome. It hit something right on the head for me. From the age of 8 or 9 I knew I felt different. Playing soccer on the wrong field (with boys), watched women's sports and I had my favorite players and athletes and actresses and 90% of them were women. When I played tennis or soccer, I pictured myself as one of my female sports heroes. Then one day my father, my abuser and my rapist figured this out and put a violent end to this. From that point on I was forced to act as manly as possible and have posters of male athletes on my walls. I was successful as a male athlete and male member of society. I was pushed farther and farther in the direction and became more and more unhappy as a result. Apparently, because the core has always been wired female. All the brainwashing and being forced to be manly only made me unhappy and cultivated certain mannerisms and "manly" looks, but never killed the feeling in the back of my brain that kept nagging at me. I was and am hardwired female. No matter how hard it will be to make the outside catch up with the inside - the brain, the heart, the soul - I am dedicated to doing that. I have a need to feel fulfilled as a woman. Your thesis not only helped give medical credence to my feelings, but biblical citations that also helped validated them. Thank you Brittney. Consider me a friend and ally. - Stacy"