Body Double - Carmenica Diaz

Body Double

By Carmenica Diaz

  • Release Date: 2011-06-02
  • Genre: Fiction & Literature


Daniel James, an out of work actor auditions for Blue Girls Revue, a successful drag show. Although it is his first time in drag, he is accepted and impersonates the famous British actress, Hillary Judd, in the revue. Three American Secret service agents visit and persuade him to impersonate Hillary Judd in real life - to be her body double! The money is certainly attractive and Daniel doesn't believe that they could really make him identical to Miss Judd but he doesn't consider the enormous secret resources the United States government has at its disposal and what they are prepared to do to him. It's supposed to be only for six months but then the real Hillary Judd throws a spanner into the works and Danni James must be her body double twenty four hours a day! And exactly what does she do about that marriage proposal from her famous boyfriend? It could, as they say, only happen in Hollywood!