Out of the Closet - Aimee Norin

Out of the Closet

By Aimee Norin

  • Release Date: 2014-09-02
  • Genre: Action & Adventure


Out of the Closet is a positive, uplifting novel about people who have the courage to stand with friends who are different, while continuing to maintain their own identity as well. Five people—a transsexual war veteran and P.O.W.; a transgender facing oppresions in a small, Arizona town; a Christian, natal cowboy who is accepting; a Muslim crossdresser from Afghanistan, who now lives in San Francisco; and a Jewish, lesbian school teacher from Texas—become friends, participate in San Francisco’s annual Pride parade and festivities, and take their lessons back to that small town in Arizona, where they overcome issues in a way far larger than they could have expected.

The emphasis in Out of the Closet is not only acceptance of self as transgender, but also on people who claim to be supportive, who claim to be friends, but who keep the transgender away from their other friends. This kind of behavior, which may well be recognized as hurtful by people for other minorities, is often considered valid regarding transpeople. Out of the Closet is an example of very different people who accept and respect each other without giving up their own identity as they do so.

While the subject matter is mature and sophisticated, about transpeople, and while there is romance, the material is presented in such a way that, I believe, if it were a film it could be shown on primetime television. Language is not harsh. Sex is not explicit, though romance is, as well as the love of friends and family.

As stated on the Copyright page, all Aimee Norin novels may be shared with friends or students, in university settings, or for other personal use if the novel is kept together in its entirety.


  • Beautiful

    By Jenny797405
    Amazing book great read, couldn't put it down